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Making the Most of SlideShare: Driving Traffic

Out of the entire gamut of free online tools for driving traffic, one that stands out is SlideShare. It receives 60 million visitors and 130 million page views per month – thus is a big opportunity to grow your business. Like YouTube videos which recurrently show-up on the first page of Google search results, SlideShare presentations frequently receive top hits.

Regrettably marketeers haven’t yet realized the kind of potential that SlideShare holds; they have not made full use of this powerful traffic generation tool. They are losing a great opportunity of drawing traffic and generating conversions and that too for free.

Create exciting PowerPoint and Keynote presentations and upload them to SlideShare to spread the word across the web. You can even upload Word and PDF documents to SlideShare for viewing by people. If your content is found attractive it instantly gets shared across the web.

Some Tips for Making the Most of SlideShare
Quality Presentations is The Key
In order to succeed on SlideShare the quality of your presentations should be impeccable – no compromises on this front. Make certain that both design and content is top-quality – and if you feel that you don’t have the skills to build a stunning presentation, please hire a professional for the job, rather than uploading low quality presentations.

In the context of content a sensational presentation, or a presentation that’s useful for the audience, and that engage audience’s emotions has a higher chance of turning viral. But, abstain from exaggeration for making it sound sensational – it can turn against you. Avoid over-hyping because you’ll lose the trust of users.

It’s better to save a presentation as PDF instead of .PPS. You cannot be sure about it that a .PPS presentation will look the same on all devices. To be on the safe side stick with PDF.

Make a Catchy Title and Write a Captivating Description

If the quality of your presentation is awesome but your title and description sounds boring, users will hate opening the link to look what’s inside. Make an information-rich title and write a stimulating description that prompt users to click on it instead of turning away. Have your keywords in the title and description for an SEO boost.

You Must Have Your URL Included
SlideShare discourages screaming self-promotion, however, you are allowed to enter the URL to your site. Use this opportunity. You can put in the URL at the end of the presentation – to prompt users to click the link, after viewing your presentation, to draw further information about your offering.

Sift Out Long Tail Keywords For Inclusion
SlideShare holds a page rank of 8 and ranks #129 on Alexa – that makes it perfect for long tail keywords. It’ll help in the long-run if you choose to insert some long tail keywords in the title and description of your presentation. Having long-tail keywords in the right places will give a big boost to your Google Page Rank PLUS Alexa ranking – so pick long-tail keywords, you want to target, intelligently.

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