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Making Landing Pages Work

There are some major problems that can happen with landing pages. Creating a landing page that works for your brand is something that can be the challenge. Your problems can be wrapped into four different categories; search, engagement, conversion patterns, and awareness.

A potential problem with landing pages is that they do not seem to answer the search questions. This can happen when you have a particular set of keywords that a user can use.
You will need high rankings with search engines in order to gain maximum traffic, sound performance, and conversions. Finding the best landing page match for each of your keywords will be the first step to improve your page. You will most like send several back to your home page, however many of the keywords will be to product pages, click-through, squeeze pages, and viral.
Tracking your landing page is something that is an ongoing task. Search Google to see if your landing page shows when your keywords are entered. You can either manually check your rating on your own, or you can use Rank Tracker.

Engagement Aspect
It is important to remember that your content needs to be engaging enough. Be sure that you determine if your landing page is engaging. You can use things like traffic, bounce rate metrics, and average time on pages as indicators to determine if your content is engaging enough. Viewers who leave to quickly are commonly not finding what they need, so you may wish to revamp your design making this more accessible.

No matter what your content is currently at there is always room for improvement. One way would be to de-clutter, a nice rule of thumb is one page per concept or though. Reduce the items on the pages that lack substance. In addition, you might want to determine if you have too much content, and a more simplistic design.

Your landing page design and layout can be spruced to create a more engaging page. Your layout should be easy to understand. It is a good idea to add visuals to make it easier for people to get around and find things on your pages.

Conversion Patterns
It can be important to view not only the separate pages within the funnel you build, but also bundles of them. Check various combinations of landing pages and registration pages. It is important to find some of the unexpected results here.

It is important to ensure that your content covers several different levels of awareness. It is important to optimize your pages for the type of awareness that your target customers will have. However, do not forget that there will be people who have been fans for a long time and other who just stumbled on your site.

If you want to revamp your landing page these simple features are something that you can look into to help increase traffic to your pages. With your keywords matched, your content examined, your engagement revamped, you are ready to take on the world.

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