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Key Qualities that A Mobile Website Design Should Have

There’s no looking back now – ‘mobile website design’ is the next big thing on the web today. Mobiles, especially smartphones are a craze, and user numbers are soaring. This is a critical shift happening from the point of view of web designers and site owners. What it all boils down to is that a design project, necessarily should engage in building a mobile strategy

The kind of strategy you build will depend a lot on the nature of project you are working on. Apart from that you need to make sure that your website functions well in the mobile space – so chalking out a strategy, exclusively for mobile devices, becomes imperative in this scenario. Whether it’s a content-driven website, or you’re designing an interactive web application, you have to spend time on making a strategy for improving your mobile website’s user experience and usability.

In order to grow your business you need to rely on mobile marketing – a platform that’s witnessing the most growth. We’ve assembled a set of qualities that must be a part of your checklist when you plan a mobile site design.

Make Contact Information Easily Accessible
Keep your contact information within easy reach of users. An easy to locate contact information has a positive impact on visitors – while putting contact details at an obscure place will prompt users to pull away from your site.

Optimize Website Speed
Users hate slow website loads, plus Google gives a high ranking in search results to those websites that load faster. Upload images in an accurate format, and re-size for faster loading. When you make it easy for users to do what they want to do, they’ll pay you back by coming back again and again.

Build an App-like Experience
Websites with an app-like interface are quite popular today. Plan a design that feels and sounds like an app – users love sites that deliver an app-like experience with less clutter, and ease-of-use.

Integrate Social Media
A major chunk of users engage in social networking from their smartphones, and PDAs – so it’s a smart move to integrate it into your mobile site. It serves a dual purpose: one, draw user’s attention to your website content, two, they spend more time with your brand.

Add Google Map
Google Maps is the world standard for getting directions. By integrating Google Maps in your mobile site you enable users to easily track your business location via GPS. Google Maps makes it easy for users to get directions, and read them while on-the-go. Users can simply keep them on their smartphones and pull the directions up while driving.

Make Website Easily Readable
A big drawback of mobile devices is that most of them don’t support widely used media formats, like flash. Plus mobile screens are quite smaller compared to a PC’s screen size. The content displayed on your site should be made as simple as can be, and as for links make them bigger so they are easily click-able.

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