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Is Your Content Contagious?

When we talk about SEO, and we do so quite often, the subject often comes around to the same thing – content. No matter how much spin you put on the importance of other factors, the bottom line is that if your content isn’t that great, you are going to struggle to rank highly for your chosen niche. It’s a simplified view of the internet for sure, but if you produce good content, you are halfway towards driving good levels of traffic towards your site and ranking highly for your chosen keywords.

What’s the best way to increase traffic and rankings? It’s creating contagious content. Of course, this is easier said than done, but if you can stick to a few key tasks, then you have a great chance of realising your ambitions.

Firstly, you need the knowledge. If you’re not an expert in your field, then you’ve got some work to do. By this, we mean that you need to be offering information up that your competitors are not. Are you at the forefront of your niche? Is your finger right on the pulse? Are you reporting information before anyone else does? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to up your game and up your studying time!

If you’re not first, be second! OK so you’re not always going to be the first to break a big piece of news that relates to your niche. What you can do though, is make sure you spot anyone else doing it, and running with the same information. This is called news jacking, and it is a highly effective method of increasing your traffic. If you can be one of the first to report the big news with fresh, personalised content, then you are likely to gain new traffic.

Be strong. Have a strong viewpoint. People just aren’t interested in someone who is sitting on the fence. You will compel people to read your thoughts if they are interesting, and the only way that they will be interesting is if they are different form everyone else’s!

Who is going to click on your titles? So much is in the title of something. If it doesn’t immediately grab your attention, it’s a goner. So do your keyword research, but don’t jam pack with keywords. Your title should be short, to the point, attention grabbing and clear. If you can provoke or create a sense of intrigue, all the better.

Picking the right sorts of content to create is important too. If you can opt for statistical content, case studies, or video content, there’s more chance that someone is going to bother to click. People love something concrete, and statistics gives this every time. It’s something tangible for people to take away. Case studies will give a real life example of something, which makes people more able to digest the information, whereas video content is just easy for people to take on board. Why read when you can sit back and listen?!

Stick to these points when you are creating your content and you stand a great chance of reaching a wider audience. Don’t forget though, that neglecting your SEO duties is going to render a great deal of this hard work pointless. Back up your content with a strong SEO team behind you. Here in Detroit, there are some fantastic SEO companies who are ready and able to tackle your SEO challenges so you can concentrate on creating content that’s fit for your site.

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