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How Your Brand Can Utilize Location-Based Marketing

In today’s business environment, well-timed and pertinent messages are more essential now than they have ever been. Consider complaints revolving around the endless barrage of messages many consumers receive on a daily basis. Much of this is due to poor marketing strategies. Had the brands in question only utilized location data to optimize engagement, they would have been successful in connecting with their target audience rather than wasting their time sending out a bunch of emails to people who will nonchalantly delete them. To help you avoid becoming one of these brands, here are some suggestions on how you can utilize location-based marketing to your advantage.

Utilize Local Search Advertisements
This is the most basic, albeit still highly effective, form of location-based marketing. This is where your brand develops ad campaigns aimed at locals in a specific area. When a user searches for a specific term within the bounds of a particular location, they will get a list of all relevant businesses in the area. Using local search advertisements will enable you to craft messages that can be seen by locals searching for the product or service you provide. Setting up a relevant search ad on any major search engine will amplify your visibility by allowing potential customers to locate you.

Get Creative With Geotags
As its name suggests, geotagging is a handy social media function that affords users, businesses, and content creators the ability to associate their posts with a particular location. This enables others to search for content based on location and equips brands and businesses with an effective location-based marketing technique: they can now tag their products in order to target audiences within a specific geographic area. This technique can also be used to target specific events, which can be beneficial for reaching target demographics. For example, a brand interested in targeting musicians could geotag one of their posts with the location of a local music event. Even further, entire marketing campaigns could be crafted specifically for that event by combining geotags and hashtags.

Bring Geolocation into Real-Time
Geolocation marketing affords companies an easy means of targeting users via their mobile devices. Consider Taco Bell’s mobile order function, where customers can place an order on their mobile device and subsequently pick it up at the nearest location. This simultaneously adds an extra layer of convenience to the customer’s experience and allows brands to offer discounts to customers within a certain proximity of their location. This is ideal for brands because they now have the means to capture sales and generate revenue that otherwise may have eluded them.

Hyperlocal Content
No matter what your brand consists of, developing hyperlocal content can drastically improve your appeal to local consumers in different geographic regions. Local content is good for your brand precisely because it is relevant to the people who live in the area you are targeting. However, it is important to remember that the main goal of hyperlocal content is brand awareness, rather than in-depth marketing.

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