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How to Use Vine to Your Advantage

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground recently, then you couldn’t fail to get wind of Vine, the latest and greatest social media tool. Vine is a natural extension to twitter. It provides you with a platform via Twitter to post six second video clips and, well that’s it! It doesn’t sound much, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people and brands taking to the new platform during the last couple of weeks. This app is being picked up by huge numbers of people, and because it is so easy to use, there’s every chance that it is going to grow and grow in popularity.

Of course, if you feel that your brand could benefit from producing some short video clips via the Vine app through your already successful Twitter account, then here are a few tips to help you to make the most of this fantastic app.

There’s no doubt that Vine has shot to the top of the video platform pile, it’s not because there are hundreds of professional editing touches available. Vine is an extremely simple product. Video is taken with your Smartphone, you can’t edit sound once it is in your post, in fact all you can really do is to pause as you move your finger from the screen. A record and pause function like this obviously allows you to shoot different things during your six second window.

Without the ability to do crazy edits, it’s all about the content. The path to success quite simply lies in how good your video is, how relevant it is to your users and how creative you can be in your tiny little six second slot. You should be looking for creativity, emotion and simplicity. Try to come up with something that will grab someone, can be understood easily, and can connect with people. The first step towards this is by knowing your audience. By now you should be communicating with your followers on a regular basis, and if you’re not, your SEO team should be doing it for you. Think carefully about who you are targeting with your video before you shoot it. The second thing to consider is not to be too sales focused. If you spend six seconds selling your product, no one is going to be listening. Engage, and they will come to you naturally. Don’t throw your logos all over your video, but of course you do want to include it at some point. You can also use the video as an opportunity to introduce your team to your vine viewers – it’s a great platform for humanizing your product, and by showing the people behind the product or business, you will do exactly that.

Another great way to the heart of your vine viewers is to be informative. All you really need to do to achieve this is to tell a story. Of course, it has to be a quick story, so get to the point!

All that remains to be said is that creating a video for vine that is informative as well as being emotive and engaging is not easy. It takes time, so don’t rush through it. Although you only have six seconds to fill, you have to make sure that every second counts. You need to draft your lot, re work it, get second opinions about your storyline and generally rework your video until you are absolutely sure that it is all it can be. It’s time consuming, but has to be worth it. Of course, if you are a busy company then doing all of this is going to be virtually impossible. Of course, this is where a good SEO company comes in. Although Vine is just a mobile phone app, SEO companies are already working out that it can have a major impact on social media, so don’t be afraid to hand the reigns to your social media guru!

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