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How to Hold on to Twitter Followers

Here in Cleveland we have been used to picking ourselves up when the going gets tough. There are so many people out there in this area who have built up businesses from scratch, and adapted to an online world that just wasn’t there a few years ago. Nowadays, if you want a successful business, you pretty much have to have a strong online presence. That’s why plenty of people find a good Cleveland SEO company to handle their website and supplement what their SEO team are doing with a Facebook or Twitter account. It’s a great idea, but a few tips from the experts always come in handy. Today, we’ve got some great pointers for making sure you keep all of those Twitter followers you have already gained.

Do what you said you would! You probably started out with a brief for yourself regarding what you would tweet. It’s so easy to go away form that brief. Most successful Twitter business accounts work hard to be valued in the twitter community. Don’t fall into the trap of only self-publicising. Try to help people out with your knowledge – it’s a great way of looking like the good guy and demonstrating your skills!

Don’t get into arguments! It’s so easy to do! You might well be the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to your niche, and often it’s good to show your knowledge, but once you set off down the road of an argument, it’s hard to come out looking good, whether you are right or not. Offer advice, advise caution, but never try to shoot someone down with your own knowledge.
Engage! Sounds simple, but if you start to forget to come back to people who have connected with you, they will notice. If someone has bothered to follow you, and you can’t even be bothered to reply to their queries, why would they continue to follow you?

Retweet? Not too much. If you spot something in the Twittersphere that you think is relevant to you, and by extension, your followers, then by all means, retweet it. But, don’t fall into the habit. People are following you because they want to hear what you have to say. Don’t just feed them with recycled garbage.

Don’t over promote. Of course, you are on Twitter for a reason. You want people to know about your company. That being said, harping on and on about your special offers can be a real turn off. The occasional post about something special in your company is fine, and keeping people up to speed with the changes in your corporation is acceptable too, but try to remember that people who have followed you probably don’t want to know about your products five times a day. Give your followers value, provide interesting content, and keep it varied.

A few more simple ones? Don’t overdo the hash tags, because it’s just annoying. Get your spelling right – you’re trying to give off the impression of being a professional company! Don’t be changing your avatar every two days – you want people to know who and what they are looking at, and corresponding with.

Almost everything else is just common sense. Twitter can be a great tool, but people do un follow all the time. Keep your Twitter page fresh, regularly updated and interesting for whoever is following you. If you do this you can’t go too far wrong.

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