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How to Further Optimize Your Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is a staple of the online world because there is a wealth of common knowledge that new people are always seeking. For example, there will always be new homeowners interested in DIY tips for tiling a backsplash or changing the wax ring under the toilet. If you can provide the most relevant and concise content for such topics, your articles may remain useful for years to come with very little tinkering (hence the evergreen aspect).

That said, you’re not the only one trying to nab views and build customer relationships by offering evergreen content, so it doesn’t do to rest on your laurels, lest you be surpassed by competitors. You need to find ways to further optimize your evergreen content in order to ensure continued value and views. Here are a few tactics to try.

Update to Include Current Information
Although some evergreen topics are unlikely to change dramatically over time, there are still ways you can update the content to continue to generate results. For one thing, you can re-post evergreen articles.

You may have noticed, in searching for certain topics, that the evergreen content you find is 2-3 (or more) years old. Although older posting dates could win you some points with Google, even the search giant admits this element of ranking is negligible, and most viewers are more interested in seeing an article posted recently to ensure they’re getting the most up-to-date info.

If you’re going to re-post content, take the time to do a few updates. See if there’s any new information or advances you could include to add value for readers, and make sure to add new and trending keywords (if relevant) in order to increase opportunities to optimize and get found.

Consider Your Content Creation Strategy
It can be tempting to jump on the evergreen bandwagon by tackling topics that are not necessarily in your wheelhouse, but this is a mistake. When it comes to creating evergreen content, the best way to compete is to display your expertise, which means choosing topics you have in-depth knowledge of.

Naturally, you should address common reader questions or concerns, since this is most likely to draw the biggest audience. However, if you want to make sure you’re providing the greatest value, you need to craft evergreen content that offers comprehensive solutions that will remain useful for years to come, and this means knowing what you’re talking about.

Create New Evergreen Content Periodically
Remaining relevant relies, to some extent, on your ability to pounce on newsworthy items and use trending topics to your advantage. However, value is also important, and this is why creating new evergreen content should coexist with trending topics as part of your larger content creation strategy.

It’s true that creating evergreen content is more demanding than writing the average blog post pertaining to new products, current events, and so on. However, you’ll also get a lot more bang for your buck, so to speak. This content remains relevant even when it’s no longer fresh, and with periodic updates, it can continue to deliver returns for years to come.

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