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How to Create Relevant and Engaging Content Right Now

As a business owner, your approach to content creation always centers on upholding core values and reaching company goals.  In order to create a strong and enduring brand identity, you need content that supports brand messaging.

However, no business is an island, and at times like this, when we’re embroiled in a crisis of global proportions, you cannot go on as if nothing has happened.  Certainly, you need to continue to create content that represents your brand, but you must also acknowledge the difficulties consumers all over the world face due to the COVID-19 crisis.

How can you create relevant and engaging content when all people are talking about is the coronavirus?  The audience is out there, but you have to be extremely careful how you proceed, as a tone-deaf narrative on your part could alienate even loyal patrons.  Here are a few tips for creating a successful content strategy right now.

Connect the Dots

While you don’t need to discuss the coronavirus ad nauseam, the one thing you cannot do is avoid it completely.  There’s nothing more relevant to the global audience at the moment, and pretending it doesn’t exist is going to make you look disengaged at the least, and uncaring and self-serving at the worst.

The difficulty, of course, is finding relevant ways to connect the current situation to your business, adding value that is appropriate for your company and your audience.  Often, this is as simple as pinpointing a problem your customers currently face and delivering brand-centric solutions.

For example, clothing companies could offer content about dressing for remote work meetings (i.e. office appropriate tops with sweatpants).  Sports companies could create tips for at-home exercise routines.  HVAC companies might pen tutorials on cleaning vents.  Furniture companies can offer instruction on how to feng shui a house for optimal relaxation.

You simply have to find a productive ways to offer value and uplift readers dealing with uncertainty, stress, and cabin fever, without compromising your brand identity.  A focus on finding solutions is a great way to keep readers engaged and facilitate meaningful connections with your brand.

Be Sensitive and Compassionate

When it comes to content creation, you need to be extremely careful of what you say and how you say it.  Taking a sensitive approach to the content you produce right now is imperative, but you also need to be compassionate if your audience takes something the wrong way.  Don’t jump to clap back if people don’t connect with your content.  Simply acknowledge it and pivot, recognizing that people are quick to get hot around the collar right now.

Get Involved

So many companies and individuals are suffering the financial strain of stay-at-home orders right now, but there are still things you can do to help.  Just look at brands like Ford and GM that have had to shut down automobile production, but have moved into producing ventilators in the meantime, or liquor companies that have started making hand sanitizer.

Then there are companies donating to all kinds of relief funds and efforts.  If you are able to give something back, especially when so many are in need, you can not only tout your efforts online, but earn the adulation of your audience, if you work it right.

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