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Handy Mobile Website Design Tips You Mustn’t Miss

Navigating most mobile websites that exist today is an ordeal because proper usability has not been implemented into their designs. The quality of the designs is falling — it’s rare to find sites that have immaculate mobile aesthetics, plus let the users transit smoothly between the regular site and a tantalizing experience on their mobile devices.

Owing to unpredictability in mobile web design information that’s being delivered on the web, quite a few websites have below par interface designs. Underneath you’ll find a few key mobile website design tips that will spruce up your mobile interfaces.

Try to understand your users’ preferences
Akin to any other usability post ever: regardless of whether it’s web or desktop related, there is always a need to build a connection between the designer and the user. In order to design a flawless website design having top-notch level of interaction between the sites’ interface and the user, the minimum that you need is a clue on who’s going to use the mobile website.

A sound advise is to find out about your users by performing a few tests and collecting exhaustive information on the users employing varied usability testing and analytics tools. Keep your ears open and learn from your users. After knowing the areas and design elements that the users find most enticing you can easily go on to the next step, which is: Accessibility.

Mobile Accessibility
To enhance website usability its navigation throughout the interface has to be top-quality. For example, allowing toggling for options in place of compelling users to view them, concealing seldom used features and widgets are things you can implement at the start to build a more accessible environment.

Keep It Simple
The basic quality a must-have in a mobile website is its simple design. A top-notch mobile interaction demand having impeccable usability and a single element that can help achieve that is a less-crowded, clean, and minimal website design. For example, remove not needed hyperlinks within one page, use images sparingly, and keep the navigation bar as short as possible. A simple mobile website is 100 times more effective than one that looks crowded.

Employing Colors to Communicate
Color is vital in a mobile website usability. Color employed within the right limits gives us the freedom to communicate information on a page in a more visually compelling way, and that too using very less additional space. Before applying different colors refer to the W3C Mobile Web Best Practice (Use of Color), it apprises us that when dispensing information in color, the same information has to be made accessible without any color.

You can apply background colors, however, a definite contrast between a background color and text should be there. Information communicated employing colors should have a visible contrast vis-a-vis any of the other elements within the mobile websites’ design.

Usability Testing
In order to build a great usability within your mobile website you’ll need testing quite early in the design process. Give usability testing a keen focus because it has to be made into an ongoing process. Moving forward this will give a big boost to the quality of your mobile website. There are tons of different devices users utilize to access mobile websites, so it’s imperative to test on varied devices. Testing on different devices resolve any issues linked to screen resolutions, sizes, and operating systems, thus improving efficiency of your mobile website several notches.

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