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Google Plus to Boost SEO Rankings

Improving SEO ranking is one of our top priorities and we never shirk on that responsibility, because that’s how we can drive more traffic to our websites. Framing a precise game-plan and executing it with stealth does result in improving ranking. Coming to the point, it definitely makes sense to follow a plan of action that quickly and effectively raises our SEO rankings — plus is something that’s not used by many of our so-called competitors.

Google Plus, or more precisely Google+, has the potential to fulfill the requirements we are talking about. For improving rankings Google plus has no match – but most of us don’t see it as a powerful social network instead run after other popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

What’s so special about Google plus for SEO?
Google rebuffs those who claim that there’s any direct link between Google Plus content and things going on with SEO rankings. But it has been observed that lots of sites using Google Plus as a platform for promoting their SEO activity have good rankings. It could be a coincidence, but when we see the results a fairly clear picture emerges. Results point at the fact that there is definitely some substance behind the theory.

Some practical reasons why Google Plus is great for SEO:

  • Even if Google denies that Google plus doesn’t have much impact on the overall ranking, still it cannot refute its ownership. The fact stands that Google owns this social networking site, and there are first-hand evidences to prove that Google plus does count when it comes to getting good rankings.
  • A few of the links are dofollow and they certainly help the ranking of your site. A majority of links are nofollow but in contrast to other sites, the links showing beneath your posts or in other words the ‘shared’ links are specifically dofollow. So you are gaining an advantage when you use them. Furthermore, when some of your engaging posts are reposted, they yield plenty of links to the same page.
  • All the Google Plus links get proper anchor text – in simple words your post’s title becomes the anchor text. This obviously is far better than having ”Click It”, or ”Click Here” as your anchor text. On top of it this anchor text looks natural and does not in any way disturb your rankings.
  • All the pages are indexed within minutes. This is one more beautiful benefit of applying Google Plus. Although it’s the truth that sites getting updated regularly are indexed ultrafast, it’s tough to beat the edge that Google Plus has over Twitter and Facebook where 100% of the content is concealed from search engines.

I hope I’ve given you an idea of how beneficial Google Plus for SEO can be. Feeling skeptical about a new technique is natural but when we talk about social networks, we can’t trust Facebook or Twitter alone to deliver the goods. We need to look beyond the social media frenzy and adopt a more logical way of improving our site ranking, and Google+ has all the right attributes.

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