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Facebook’s Mysteries: What Is Edgerank?

In recent times it has been very difficult for some companies to understand exactly how their Facebook page performance is governed. Facebook has changed so much in the last few years, and the fact that it is as much a marketing tool as much as it is something to pass a little bit of time with means that Facebook have had to get pretty serious about the way they do things. Just like Google, Facebook needed a clear way to decide which posts, pages and photos get seen and by whom.

Google has over the years developed a highly intuitive and sophisticated algorithm which decides the fate of so many. Anyone who has touched the SEO world knows only too well the level of power wielded by Google in this sense. Of course, Facebook is an enormous machine these days too, and so as we might expect, the Facebook algorithm is already looking pretty impressive.
Facebook focus strongly on reach. They have four main focus areas which help them to decide just how much reach they allow each post to have. This is of course something that is critical for many businesses.

  • Firstly, Facebook looks at whether or not a Facebook user has interacted with an author’s post in the past. If you have, there’s more chance that you are going to see further posts form that author. It’s a simple process based on giving you what Facebook believes you like.
  • Secondly, Facebook will assess other people’s reactions to a post. If a post has caused offense in the past, or everyone seems to ignore that post, then if something similar is reposted, there’s every chance it won’t be reposted on too many timelines. This is a clear example of Facebook restricting reach on the basis that the post is not interesting enough, or that people are offended by the content.
  • Thirdly, Facebook will try to assess whether a Facebook user has interacted with similar posts from any source in the past, and if this is a positive, then there’s every chance that Facebook will decide that the user should receive something similar.
  • Finally, if there have been specific complaints about a post or a page, then people will generally be a lot less likely to see the post. This is something that became a lot more common after September 2012.

Of course, Edgerank is changing all the time, just like the Google algorithms which decide which products or sites show up when we search for something on Google. Sometimes reach might decrease, but people will interact more overall, which can actually be an improvement for many businesses. The important thing to take out of all this is that you can do things to help you to optimize your page for Edgerank. You can use Edgerank checker, which helps to analyze your Facebook page, to help you understand your levels of interaction, and which also gives you recommendations on how to improve your page.

Of course, a lot of people don’t have time for all this, which is where a professional SEO company comes in. It’s easy to pass all of this on to a Cleveland SEO company who can take the reins, make sure that the page is hitting as many people as possible, and hopefully earn you more money in the process!

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