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Do’s and Don’ts for an Eye-Catching Homepage

A growing client base is the lifeblood of any business. Turning casual browsers into loyal customers begins by effectively communicating your company’s unique brand image.

So where exactly does that happen? Clear communication begins with the creation of an eye-catching homepage!

Creating a standard homepage isn’t all that difficult. Creating a homepage that effectively captures your audience’s attention is another story.  

When you’re ready to boost your business with an exciting and engaging homepage, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind along the way.

Do Focus on Aesthetically Pleasing Fonts and Color Schemes

It’s safe to say that humans are creatures of habit. We are innately drawn to appealing combinations of colors and designs. The more interesting visual features that a homepage has, the longer a visitor is likely to hang out to explore a site.

This can make it worth your time to put together a homepage that uses the best of both. Choosing engaging (but readable) fonts for your links that pair well with bold color schemes and images is a good way to stand out from the competition.

Don’t Lose Important Links in a Complex Design

Designers often get excited about the color and image combinations they’ve crafted for their homepage. The problem arises when important product links get lost in a chaotic mix.

It’s important to remember that a homepage should be an eye-catching stepping stone to more complex company and brand information. Links to the pages that can boost your sales have to stand out in the design scheme to be accessible and useful.

Do Get to the Point

It can be tempting to include fun videos, motion graphics, and animation shorts on a homepage when you want to stand out. Unfortunately, this is a good way to test a consumer’s patience. If you use these elements incorrectly, visitors may simply click to leave your site.

Instead of focusing on entertainment, focus on engaging your audience long enough to make an important point. Your homepage should clearly define the features that make your company unique and different.

If you offer a lower price point than competitors, make sure that fact is visible upfront. If you offer products made with a higher quality standard, that needs to be evident on your homepage.

Don’t Forget Mobile Applications

It’s nice to envision throngs of interested customers, just sitting at their computers, endlessly intrigued by the beauty and informative nature of your homepage. In reality, the vast majority of your client base will access your homepage from their mobile devices!

Companies that create eye-catching homepages, but forget to design them for a mobile-friendly population risk losing out on business. Everything on your homepage should be easy to access from a phone’s touchscreen, too.

Thinking about mobile accessibility is important when it comes to choosing images and color combinations, as well. Phone screens run vertically, which is very different from horizontal desktops. You’ll want to consider this as you pick photos, colors, and font combinations.

Capture Your Audience Through Simplicity

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of homepage design, only to realize that you’ve completely overwhelmed your customers with pages of information that they can’t possibly absorb. Typically, the more concise and visually appealing a homepage is, the better. Happy designing!

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