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Contextual Targeting: Personalize Your Ads and Boost Your Profitability

The best way to achieve high advertising ROI is to ensure that your ads are relevant and that they reach the right target audience. Many businesses are turning their focus to contextual targeting in order to achieve this goal. Keep reading to learn more about contextual advertising, how it works, and the benefits of implementing it for your brand.

What Is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting is offered as an alternative to behavioral advertising. While behavioral ads are based on user actions such as visiting a particular site, contextual ads are based on the content of the site where they are displayed.

For example, a website that publishes content related to cars and trucks would display ads for car parts. A tech-focused website might run ads for the latest smartphones and laptops.

How Contextual Targeting Works

Contextual advertising involves the use of advertising networks such as the Google Display Network. While the process varies for each network, it will generally involve the following:

Selecting Parameters

In order for your ads to be displayed with relevant context, you have to establish parameters. Basically, you are informing the advertising network of the keywords or topics that are relevant to your business. These will be used to determine where your ads will be displayed.

Analysis and Matching

Once you have established the parameters for your ads, the advertising network will conduct an analysis of the websites it has available for your ads. You will be matched to pages based on keyword or topic relevance.

Ad Placement

Your ads will be displayed on relevant websites. Other factors influence placement, such as advertising bids, geotargeting, and language. If keywords are used to set parameters, the ad placement will be based on those specific words and phrases, while topic-based matches are based on the overall theme of the website.

The Benefits of Contextual Targeting

There are good reasons to use both behavioral and contextual advertising. Behavioral ads are targeted according to interests and behaviors that the user has displayed in the past. However, the benefits of contextual advertising are equally clear. Contextual ads:

  • Are privacy and cookieless compliant
  • Avoid making users feel tracked or “stalked”
  • Are less expensive and easier to implement
  • Combine timeliness and relevance
  • Ensure that ads run only in acceptable environments

Contextual advertising presents ads that reflect what the user is currently doing and the information they are currently seeking.

Net Profit Marketing Can Run Your Successful Ad Campaign

You can earn great ROI with a successful contextual advertising campaign. However, it takes more than creating personalized ads that are displayed on relevant websites. Your ad campaign must also include designing landing pages and optimizing the user experience to maximize conversions.

Whether you decide to adopt contextual targeting as your sole advertising solution or use it in combination with behavioral advertising, Net Profit Marketing is here to serve as your partner. We will work with you to build and support an advertising strategy that helps you achieve a high ROI, more traffic, and faster conversions.

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