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Content that Converts: Landing Page Writing Best Practices

Creating landing pages is a great way to stay current and appeal to a target audience, as well as make the most of your online advertising campaigns and boost the success of SEO efforts.  That said, creating engaging and productive landing pages is no cake-walk.  You’re going to have to put in some time and effort to ensure optimal outcomes.  Here are a few tips for creating content that converts when you add landing pages to your website.

Make Sure Content is Relevant and Timely

If you’re just trying to bring more targeted traffic to your website, you can simply funnel visitors to your homepage.  Landing pages are something entirely different.  They offer specific information of relevance to audience members that click-through from ads.

Why is this an important distinction?  If a user clicks an advertisement to reach your website, chances are they’re interested in whatever was advertised, whether it’s a specific product, a current sale, or something else.  This means the content they reach on your landing page must be related, in terms of relevance and timeliness.

What do you think will happen if you advertise a new product and then dump click-through traffic onto a homepage?  They’re going to start searching for what interested them in the first place, and if they don’t find it quickly, they’ll bounce, with a negative impression of your brand.  Giving consumers what they want is easy, especially when they click an ad and spell it out for you.

Don’t Bury the Lead

This is big.  So many companies entice visitors with an ad and then pepper them with unrelated content before getting to what the consumer is really interested in.  Dawdling won’t do you any favors here.  You’ve got them on the hook and you need to reel them in before they slip away, so double down by getting to the point fast and providing an easy means of completing other desired conversions.

Be Concise

It takes an incredible amount of effort to bring targeted traffic to your website, so it’s only natural that you’d want to deliver additional information once you’ve captured consumer attention.  There is a very fine line here you don’t want to cross.

Can you offer information aside from whatever specifically attracted a user to your landing page?  Of course you can, but first you need to provide desired information, and then you can sprinkle in added value propositions, like a first-time buyer discount if a user signs up for membership, for example.  There are ways to gain additional conversions, but you have to be very careful not to overwhelm visitors with unsolicited information.

Provide Compelling Content

So, you’ve compelled click-through and brought visitors to your site.  Now what?  You know they’re interested, so the next step is to provide compelling content to encourage action.  For example, offer bite-sized information about products with bullet points instead of blocks of text, or better yet, add engaging visual elements like multiple product images or interactive 360-degree views or video walkthroughs or demos.  The more compelling the content, the more you encourage desired conversions.

Create Prominent CTAs

What do you expect from site visitors?  If you don’t tell them, you can hardly complain when they don’t follow through.  One of the simplest ways to boost conversions is with prominent, concise, and compelling CTAs that provide easy instructions for consumers to follow.

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