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Web Design: Common Overlooked Components When Optimizing a website


Contrary to popular belief, a great website is much more than just attractive aesthetics backed by SEO strategies. Technical features and user experience weigh heavily on the usability of a site, among other factors. When auditing a site for optimization, it is essential to carefully review every detail, even parts that appear to be insignificant.

Once a website is launched and doesn’t perform to expectations, it becomes expensive to diagnose the problems and fix them. It’s especially time-consuming and costly when the root of the issue isn’t immediately clear.

There are some important elements of a website that are widely known, like a fast-loading home page and mobile-conscious design. Other indispensable components aren’t as readily considered, and we examine several of them below.

Contact Page

Many websites make the mistake of having a contact page that consists of the bare minimum. Simplicity and a clean layout are always required, but that doesn’t mean you have to squander the valuable space you have.

The contact page should have a deeper purpose beyond collecting names and email addresses for correspondence. It can be used as more of a lead generation tool instead of merely existing as a means of starting communication.

Do you have a newsletter your customers can sign up for? Would giving customers a list of reasons for contacting you help you segment your audience? Can your audience follow and keep in communication with you anywhere else, like social media?

Thoroughly considering these questions and answering them according to your business will help you get the most value out of your contact page.

Image Optimization for Desktop and Mobile

Before you publically launch your website filled with meticulously picked high-quality images, try to access it from several different browsers and devices. A number of businesses add high-resolution pictures to give their site a polished look.

Unfortunately, these beautiful images regularly aren’t optimized, which causes the website’s load speed to decline dramatically. Slow page load time is a huge blow to SEO, and having your visibility reduced is the last thing you want.

There are a few easy ways to optimize your images, like saving them to your computer and editing them with Photoshop. To be certain they’re optimized properly, it may be in your best interests to consult with a professional.

404 Page

The 404 page used to be a dreaded error message that either meant a site was down or the user’s computer had trouble processing the web connection. As the digital age evolved and businesses scrambled to find anything to make them stand out, 404 pages became a secret weapon.

The purpose of the page hasn’t changed in any way — it’s still an error message. Except now, instead of a blank white page with bold black letters, brands are personalizing 404 pages to stand out in a customer’s mind.

Whether it be illustrations of cute confused dogs or witty comments with stylized backgrounds, businesses are putting some personality into the page that once gave a user instant annoyance. Join them by taking the opportunity to build positive feelings about your brand through the 404 page.

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