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Michael Danielson: Author Archive


Content Marketing 201: How Simple is Too Simple?

In our last post, we talked about the benefits of writing in simple language. Not only does more of your audience understand simple language, but it’s actually easier to hit your word count goals when you’re using smaller words in smaller sentences. But it’s important to recognize that you can easily go overboard and get [...]


Content Marketing 201: The KISS Principle vs. Word Count

There’s a common complaint among content creators. It’s that a client wants both a large word count and a low reading difficulty score on their content. The ‘problem’ being that the easy way to get a large word count is to use filler words. Filler words inflate word counts, but they also make sentences longer. [...]


The Rising Importance of Voice Search and How to SEO It

SEOers have a profound paradigm shift coming, and it’s coming in the form of voice search. With the advent of apps like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and several others that enable people to speak their searches rather than type them, a new-but-actually-quite-old school of searching is coming to light. A study by Northstar Research found [...]


Flash Relegated to Bad Porn Games and History

Make no mistake, Flash has been dying for a very long time now — Adobe stopped providing download links to the Flash development kit back in January, and have been slowly withdrawing support for the animation system for years before that. Google, however, just swung it’s mighty hammer (I like to imagine its name is [...]


How to Spot a SEO Company Lie From A Mile Away

Let’s face it: In the minds of many people, SEO companies occupy the same mindspace as telephone psychics, alien abductees, and homeopathic medicine. We work in an almost-entirely-abstract world, manipulating rules that other people don’t have the time or energy to wrap their minds around. When an SEO company tells you that “Privately-held blog networks [...]


How to Create a Facebook Group that Drives Traffic

Facebook advertising is mostly dead. Facebook posts just at random out in the ether are ridiculously ineffective. There’s just not a lot of people who are engaged in Facebook when it isn’t about their friends, family, or hardcore passions — and getting hardcore passionate people together on a Facebook page is hard. But Facebook Groups… [...]


PSA: SEO Isn’t Really So Different Today

Google loves to rattle its sabers and tell the world about how they’re changing the rules. With the Panda and Penguin updates a few years ago, they actually had a good chunk of the SEO world believing that there was effectively no SEO but the white-hat kind left on the table.  Well, it’s been a [...]


Sell More with the Grammar of ‘Content Design’

Web content has a grammar of its own, something entirely separate from the grammar we all use as part of speaking and thinking in the English language. So, as it happens, do TV and print — and each of those is a unique entity unto itself. When you’re designing a webpage that’s intended to sell [...]


How to Stand Out: a Content Marketer’s Guide – AWESOMEISM

Let’s continue the work we started over the last two weeks, talking about how you can get your content to stand out from the torrent of other stuff that’s been coming down the line lately. This week, we’re talking about awesomeism. In an excellent article called “The Cognitive Processes Mediating Acceptance of Advertising,” Peter Wright, [...]


How to Stand Out: a Content Marketer’s Guide – The Pond

OK, so I spent all of last week’s post explaining the fundamental double-obstacle in front of every content marketer out there: people don’t have time to consume as much content as we’re producing, and people literally don’t have enough brainpower to comprehend the content they do consume. Today, we’re going to get into the good stuff: [...]

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