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Are you Creating Shareable Content?

When you create content for a website, the best thing that can possibly happen is that people start to share it. If you’re creating great content then this is something that should be happening all the time. If it’s not happening, then the chances are your content is not up to scratch. Don’t panic if this is the case though – there are some great tricks of the trade that will help you to change the way your content performs almost overnight.

Statistics. It’s a fact universally acknowledged that all people love statistics – well about 82% of people do anyway. If you can find industry reports with factual and statistical information that is going to be valuable to your core audience, there’s every chance that your followers are going to pick up on it and share it. Statistics are easy for people to understand and to digest, and they can easily pass the information along – perfect for sharing!

Video content. Video marketing is growing exponentially at the moment. Now that people have such great connection speeds video is a highly accessible format for almost everyone. Video informs and entertains which is far more palatable for most people and doesn’t require the same level of concentration that a long blog post might require. A smaller commitment is required by your readers, and they know this. That’s why they’ll share it.

Case Studies. A case study can be a great way to rally engage people. It’s a real life scenario so people can really relate to it. If you can find something that is a little bit out of the ordinary and relates to your niche, then there’s a great chance that people will share it.

Newsjacked content. This is all about riding the crest of a wave. You have to have your finger on the pulse, but if you can catch the news as it happens in your target area, and put your own spin on it, then there’s every chance that you are going to get a huge number f shares. You will be surfing a wave of supreme popularity, gaining higher levels of views, traffic and shares because everyone is talking about the story that you were talking about first.

A picture tells a thousand words. Well maybe not quite, but you get the idea! An infographic is a fantastic way of condensing what you want to say so that it is easily digested. If you have complex information that you want to share with your followers, there’s every chance that a well put together infographic will be easier for them to understand. What’s more, if they can understand what you are trying to illustrate, it is again likely that your followers will want to share your information.

Unfortunately, many people out there just don’t have the time to really put in place a good system which allows them to operate a slick content creation service which guarantees a good level of shares. Here in Detroit though you will find plenty of SEO companies willing to help you hone the right sort of approach. Simply visit a well respected Detroit SEO expert and speak to them about the content you are using for your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and they should be able to run a successful campaign for you.

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