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Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: Will It Help Detroit’s IM Community?

Over the last couple of months, Detroit internet marketers have heard a lot about enhanced Adwords campaigns. The question on most people’s mind is exactly what an enhanced campaign gets you. To recap, there are a few advantages and a few disadvantages. Firstly, although you will lose the ability to set mobile specific bids, you can do bid adjustments at the campaign level. Secondly, you will no longer be able to target specific mobile devices and you will also find that carriers have been removed. The same will be the case with tablets, with the ability to target specific tablets removed. You will find that you can control ad extensions through ad group, and you will also be able to use scheduling for site links, and you can now also carry out bid changes by geography.

Obviously, some of these changes are better than others, but there are a few that will really help some. Ad group level extensions are a real plus, but the lack of mobile targeting options is a blow to some marketers. However easy it is to either congratulate or slander the changes that have come into force, there’s really not much point. It’s far more effective to look at what is on offer and work out what can be gained. Simply – is it worth upgrading at present?

Firstly, if you are operating a sophisticated mobile campaign that has been set up over time, then the likelihood is that you will want to wait before upgrading. These campaigns are normally run on the basis of specific bids for specific devices and carriers, and a campaign like this in the new system will simply not be as effective.

If you have a mobile only account you won’t want to upgrade yet either. If you have a small account that only targets mobile devices, then the new system isn’t going to work well for you. In enhanced campaigns, you can’t just target mobile devices. You can set bids as normal, and then choose to override that bid for mobile devices, reducing bid size by 100%. Basically, it means that if you want to bid $30 per click on a mobile device, you will actually have to bid $10 for a desktop click.

Tablet optimized websites will not benefit from the enhanced campaigns either. At the moment there’s just no way to target tablets differently in the enhanced campaigns so it’s best avoided if you’re targeting that market.

Of course, if you’re not doing much mobile targeting, then changing to an enhanced campaign at the moment could make a lot of sense. You benefit from bid adjustments and a higher level of control over extensions.

If your account is struggling with geographic bidding, then the enhanced campaigns will help. The new enhanced campaigns allow you to set bid changes by geography for the same keywords.

As you can see, it very much depends on the sort of campaigns you have been running as to whether it’s worth changing or not. As always, you are going to get the best advice from your local SEO guru. Here in Detroit it is imperative that you have excellent local campaigns, so it’s well worth speaking to a Detroit SEO expert before starting a campaign yourself.

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