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7 Tips To Make Your Landing Pages More Effective

Landing pages are an important part of your marketing plan because they are where your potential customers arrive when they click on a pay per click ad, website link or online coupon. This is your chance to present them with the value proposition and help them to move through to make a purchase. When you make your landing page more effective then you make more conversions and sell more products.


Match Your Ad and Landing Page

It is important that your link or ad and the landing both prominently display the same information so that the offer you are making is replicated on the landing page. This gives the customer confidence that they are making the right choice and that they are not being misled.


Make Navigation Easy

This can be controversial because some marketing doctrine recommends only providing the ability to move to the purchase page from the landing page. This gives the visitor the option to buy or to leave. Is that really the best choice you can offer? When you offer them the ability to view more information and other products you sell then you give yourself more chance of the shopper purchasing something on your site. Try including some simple navigation options and then look at the data for conversion rates from the landing page and then decide.


Use Themes

A great way to boost a landing page particularly during specific seasons is to use themes. Halloween, Christmas and summer are just a few of the hundreds of themes that you can incorporate into your landing page. They can be added and changed as campaigns, seasons and events change giving a fresh look and encouraging sales.


Social Media Integration

Giving people that arrive at your landing page the ability to share with their friends and family not only helps you convert them to a sale but also spreads a link to your landing page to the social contacts of your page visitors. It is a very low cost way of making your marketing campaign more effective and increasing your visibility.


Do Not Forget Mobiles

The huge increase in web capable smart phones and pad devices and their continuing price reductions have made them a significant part of potential customers that are likely to visit your landing page.

When you have mobile device optimized landing pages then you are making it easy for them to complete the purchase process. If a smart phone user with a small screen is confronted with a complicated page designed for a computer they can get frustrated and give up.


Make the Sale Easy

It is vital to make it as easy as possible to for the visitor to your landing page to make the purchase. The marketing rule is 1, 2 and bounce. This means if it takes more than two clicks the bounce rates climb so ensure no more than two clicks or your conversion rates will be negatively affected.


Bring a Sense of Urgency

One of the best ways to help a potential customer to make the decision to purchase is to use a call to action that emphasizes the time sensitive nature of the deal that is being given. You can even use a countdown timer or a days left graphic updated daily to push the message.

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