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6 Blog Topic Ideation Tips for When You’re Stuck

Writer’s block is real, and if you’re trying to pen a regular blog as a means of producing content for your business website, even coming up with ideas for posts can become a pain over time. When you’ve exhausted your store of ideas that will appeal to your target audience and help you to promote your business with relevant, useful content, where do you turn for ideas? Here are a handful of helpful tips to get you on track for stellar blog topics when you’re totally stuck.

1. Check what’s trending
In some cases, trending topics will have no relevance for your readers, or more likely, you’ll be unable to relate them to your niche or write about them from a perspective of authority.

However, this will not always be the case. If you’re creative, you may be able to find ways to relate any number of trending topics or current events to your industry, your niche, and your business in ways that are relevant and valuable to your readers. It’s just a matter of checking in frequently to see if inspiration strikes in relation to trending topics online.

2. Ask readers what they want
When customers sign up for membership to follow your blog, make sure to ask them what topics they’re interested in. This can give your clear ideas of subjects to cover in your blog.

3. Follow your followers
What are your social media followers talking about? Do they have questions or concerns you can address? Are they discussing industry news and events? Or are they focused on something else?

Your social media accounts can provide a lot of food for thought, not to mention fodder for your on-site blog. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to provide for your online audience, go right to the source and see what they’re clamoring for.

4. Follow industry leaders
In order to remain fresh and forward-thinking when it comes to your blog, you need to be engaged, and this means paying attention to what’s going on within your industry. When you follow industry leaders, you not only improve your own knowledge base, but you can also increase opportunities to ideate for your blog.

5. Watch the competition
Do you want to copy what competitors are posting? Obviously not – you never want to play second fiddle by regurgitating the same information your followers can find elsewhere.

What you can do, however, is keep track of what your competitors are posting on their blogs and social media and use it as a springboard. Can you improve on what they’ve posted? Or maybe you can use the information provided to take the next logical step and push the conversation forward. Either way, you’ll get some ideas about how to continue providing useful content to your own readers.

6. Try a blog topic generator tool
Tools like Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator may seem silly, and they’re not guaranteed to deliver literary gold every time, but by typing in a few simple keywords you can get a handful of titles for potential blog topics, which could end up being perfect or simply sparking your own ideas when you’re truly stuck.

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