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5 Web Design Tactics You Cannot Do Without

Web designing is all about producing better work and the best advise that can be given to a creative professional is to make ‘quality’ a priority. People tend to focus on the aesthetics of their design but no attention is paid on the fundamental issues of the work. Embracing creativity and overlooking fundamental concepts lead to a drop in quality of work produced. In order to produce work that catches the most attention your website needs to be incredibly functional. A stunning design has to be complemented with remarkable functionality.

5 web design tactics to help you achieve both objectives:

Tactic #1: Focus on Analytics
Don’t expect upswing in results if you are not measuring them. You need to focus on the analytics for the websites you create, to get them in line with real-word results. Creating the design of a website and not tracking the performance after it goes live will not yield profits.

Employ on-site analytics to extract valuable information about the website you’ve designed. For example, traffic data will enlighten you about the number of people signing-up for client’s mailing list. You can’t get the results you’re looking for without focusing on the stats.

Tactic #2: Focus on Usefulness
Don’t neglect functionality of the end product, without it your efforts are a waste. In addition to a good-looking design make sure your website is easy to use. A beautiful design has to be accompanied by a spotless navigation experience. Don’t mar usability in a bid to make pages look prettier.

Tactic #3: Plan Well
For a better website functionality you need to re-evaluate your project planning process. Pay attention to website maps and wireframes. Run through the process of creating a site map, to find out whether there’s any break in the flow of content. The sitemap allows you to design with an intent; never commence work on the design without it.

The second key tool is wireframe. Through site maps you plan the content of the entire website, while wireframes prioritize the architecture of one page at a time. The wireframe is a serious and a feasible plan to decide the final layout of the content on each page.

Tactic #4: Get Feedback From Your Developers
This is another key factor you must pay attention to. Listen carefully what your developers say to you. Gain knowledge on the implications of your designs on the site’s construction, so that you finish-up with a better design.

A feedback will pin-point the missing elements. Various quality flaws will be highlighted, like how good is your e-mail template, how well-customized are the error messages for the forms on the site, and so on.

Tactic #5: Listen to Your Clients
You need to prioritize on the real business needs of your clients, and in order to do that you must listen to what your clients are saying. Apprehend the real business problems of your clients and offer them functional solutions. Be a creative solution provider and don’t spend most of your time on beautifying the looks of your client’s website.


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