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5 Tasks that All Business Websites Should Accomplish

Your business website is your online interface with current and prospective customers, and as such, it has to virtually fill the role of a brick-and-mortar store.  This must be achieved without friendly or helpful salespeople, and without the ability for consumers to touch and closely examine your wares.

How, then, do you go about convincing customers to support your brand within the limitation of the virtual world?  With thoughtful and compelling content, efficient and intuitive layout and design, and clear and concise messaging, you have the opportunity to effectively communicate and connect with consumers and spur desired conversions.  Here are just a few tasks that your business website should accomplish.

Provide Essential Information

This should be a top priority for any business.  Are you trying to generate leads, facilitate sales, and cultivate long-term relationships?  Yes, of course.  Do you think you can accomplish these outcomes if visitors can’t find what they’re looking for on your website?  Probably not.

Your homepage should immediately tell visitors who you are, what you do, and why you’re better than competitors, while landing pages should instantly display information that mirrors funneling messaging.  If someone clicks an ad promoting a product or sale, this information should be the first thing consumers see when they hit a landing page, just for example.

It’s not impossible that people will stumble across your site, but most visitors are looking for you, and for a specific reason.  If you don’t provide pertinent information quickly, you’re going to lose them.

Deliver an Intuitive Interface

Nobody wants to spend time trying to figure out a convoluted pathway from point A to point B (say, from a product page to completing a purchase).  They want to easily navigate your site to find what they’re looking for and complete intended transactions, whatever they may be.  It’s your job to make this as easy as possible so as not to confuse and frustrate visitors.

Represent the Brand

Long gone are the days when you could get away with a website that had nothing whatsoever to do with your other branding efforts.  You want consumers to encounter familiar language and imaging across platforms so they can have the same experience with your brand whether they shop in-store, they follow you on social media, or they visit your website.  This level of collaboration only helps to make your brand recognizable and engaging.

Engage and Compel Viewers

It’s not enough for website content to be relevant and informative.  If you want to engage an audience, you also need to entertain them, to an extent.  This comes from having a decided point of view, presenting a unique voice, and taking steps to display your core values in order to surprise and endear the consumer public and build lasting rapport.  When done correctly, this can help you with conversions like lead generation, social following, and brand loyalty.

Offer Clear CTAs

You want website visitors to complete specific actions, but without clear calls to action (CTAs), consumers may be confused or completely miss messaging.  Clear, concise, compelling, and most importantly, visible CTAs are an essential component of your website that you have to nail if you want to facilitate and encourage conversions.

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