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5 strategies for keeping visitors on your website longer

It’s not enough to rely on the “if you build it, they will come” concept when designing your website. You also need to focus on converting as many visitors as possible into leads or sales after they first visit your page. The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of your website visitors will never return once they exit that initial browsing session– so to say that first impressions are everything is a complete understatement.

If you want to increase your chances of generating conversions, then it’s time to start thinking about ways to get your visitors to stick around. The longer people stay on your website, the more likely you are to convert them. Ready to learn how?

Here are five strategies for keeping visitors on your website longer:

1. Strategically Place Calls-to-action

Each one of your webpages should feature some call-to-action. The goal is to generate more revenue for your business, which your leads can help you do. For example, your blog post should interlink to other relevant content on your site and provide greater detail about your product or service. 

If someone is considering making a purchase but isn’t quite ready, the additional information may make the difference in convincing them to move forward in the buying process.

You can also create “gated” content, which is information that is only accessible once the person enters their email address. This is ideal for whitepapers, videos, and downloadable templates. This both ensures customers get the information they need and helps to build your email list.

2. Make sure that Your Content is Visually Engaging

Including plenty of visual content on your website is one of the easiest ways to increase the average time visitors spend on your site. Infographics and explainer videos are a great way to keep people’s attention and complete your conversion goal.

3. Use Exit-intent Pop-up Offers

Pop-ups are a great tool to leverage as your visitors prepare to leave your website. Depending on what page the person is on, you can incorporate one of the following:

  • Blog Posts: Offer to redirect visitors to other relevant blog content
  • Product Pages: Offer visitor the opportunity to read reviews or other informative content
  • Shopping Cart: Offer coupon codes to encourage visitors to complete their purchase or redirect them to testimonials or reviews.

4. Make Content is Easy to Read

Regardless of what your content is about, you should make sure your blog posts are easy to skim through. Use the correct formatting for your headings and subheadings, and organize your main content into bite-sized paragraphs– no more than two or three sentences. You should also incorporate bullet points whenever possible to draw attention to important information. 

5. Keep Your Website Updated

Add new content to your website to keep your audience engaged. You don’t want people to come to your page only to realize that nothing new got added since they last visited. This gives people a reason to stay longer and check in more frequently. Not to mention, keeping your website updated with new content does wonders for your SEO. 

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