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5 Stages of a Website

Google has made so many changes in recent times, it becomes harder and harder to deliver good results. The best way of course is to deliver a fantastic customer experience, and by doing this you will end up delivering great SEO to your site. To allow this to happen naturally, you should take a look at your customers’ experience, and work out what that experience should be. Analysis should show five key stages to the visitor’s cycle. Get your head around this and it will help you to deliver the right website for your target market.

  1. The first stage for the customer is a complicated one. On many occasions, the customer has come directly from Google to you, and is looking for an answer to their initial question. Don’t try to sell at this stage – provide an answer and offer a solution. Normally you would have content leading to a link at the bottom of the page which will give your new customer new information about their potential solution.
  2. At this point the new visitor has a solution to their initial question, so it’s time to start giving a few more details – what can you actually do for them?
  3. The third stage is where you want your visitors to reach. They have found a solution – you have to make sure it’s the solution they choose to take! It’s time to demonstrate the features and the benefits of your product, whatever that might be. At this point you might already be at the point where your customer is ready to buy, which entitles them a jump straight to stage five, but for many others, they will be adjusting to the idea of opting for your product. It’s at this point that you need to sell your brand.
  4. This really is the most important part of your site. It’s time to sell. You need to be demonstrating your USP and persuading your customer to part with their hard earned cash. This area of your site should have testimonials from satisfied customers, quotes from reviews, and anything else that you think might draw your customers into making that all important purchase.
  5. Your sales page. This is the place for your basket page, along with suggested up sells and cross sells. Just because your customer has decided to buy something form you, doesn’t mean that they won’t want anything else! This page should look great and be incredibly clear and functional.

All of the above probably sounds easy, but the tricky part is stage one. Figuring out what your potential customers are looking for and working out how to rank for those phrases is the challenge, and it’s normally at this point that you need all the help you can get from an SEO expert. Here in Cleveland, most websites will focus on local searches. The interest is heading this way, and it is far easier to turn up for local search results, rather than competing with large brands worldwide. Enlist the help of a Cleveland SEO agency along with a great web design team, to take your site to a new level.

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