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5 High Converting Landing Page Design Tips for the Holidays

Like most businesses, you’re probably planning on spending a pretty penny on seasonal advertising prior to the holidays.  The weeks between Thanksgiving and end-of-year holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa will see hundreds of billions of dollars spent on food, decorations, travel, gifts, and more, and you naturally want to see some of this consumer spending come your way.

In this day and age, local holiday sales aren’t enough.  You and your partner in marketing and social media management in Asheville have to hone your online strategy if you want to compete and reach goals for end-of-year earnings.  This means not only engaging in online advertising, but creating holiday-specific landing pages to make the most of your online efforts.  Here are just a few tips to help you create landing pages that will deliver the conversions you seek.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

This seems obvious, but there are many ways to visually enhance your landing pages with holiday themes.  You could add seasonal hallmarks like holiday colors (red/green, blue/silver, black/red/green, etc.), special fonts, and familiar imagery (snowflakes, Santa, Christmas tree, menorah, kinara and mishumaa saba, and so on).

However, you might also want to consider what the holidays mean to your brand, how they connect with your core values, and how you want to display that visually and ideologically on your seasonal landing pages as a way to engage your audience with content they’ll find relevant and compelling.  Your partner in digital marketing in Asheville, NC can help you to translate these concepts into advertising strategies that best represent your brand.

Add Crucial Info Above the Fold

Your trusted Asheville digital marketing team will make no secret of the importance of putting the most critical messaging on prominent display at the top of the page.  This is the first thing visitors will see when they reach your landing page, and you don’t want it to be the last.

If you’re having sales, offering coupon codes, or pushing specific products, you need to make sure this messaging is front and center at the top of the landing page so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.  In other words, give them a reason to stay and shop.

Lock Down Consistent Messaging and Imagery

In order to reduce bounce rates and increase opportunities for conversions, you need to keep visitors on the page, and this starts by reinforcing the messaging between ads and landing pages.  When users click-through from ads, they want to know that the messaging in the advertising is relevant, and the best way to confirm this by including the same content or keywords on the landing page.

If your ad hooks viewers with the promise of a sale, add sale messaging and coupon codes at the top of the landing page so visitors know they’ve come to the right place.  Consistent messaging and imagery across channels only helps to encourage conversions, especially if you work closely with experts in digital marketing in Asheville, NC to create clear calls to action and promote a sense of urgency that plays on shopper FOMO.

Integrate Social Media

Everyone wants to share a good deal and gain the social currency that comes with leading the pack, so make sure you facilitate the process on your holiday landing pages.  Asking for follows is fairly par for the course anyway, but giving social share buttons more prominent placement on holiday landing pages to encourage sharing could facilitate an uptick in traffic and conversions.

On the flip side, you can advertise and promote via social media channels with the help of qualified Asheville social media services.  When you coordinate marketing efforts across channels, you have the best opportunity to reach new customers, remarket, and boost holiday conversions.

Keep it Simple

You want people to convert, right?  So why would you create a complicated process to get from point A to point B?  You need to work with your Asheville digital marketing partner and your web design team to streamline the process as much as possible, engineering a process that features the fewest clicks between seeing an ad and making a purchase.

A great example of this principle at play is Amazon’s one-click ordering option.  Instead of going through the process of browsing, adding items to a cart, and completing the entire checkout process, customers can simply click the “buy now” button and the chosen item will be charged to the account’s attached payment method and shipped to the address on the account.

If you have yet to audit your path to conversion, the holidays are a great time to assess your process, simplify navigation, and generally streamline the conversion pipeline to make shopping quicker, easier, and more convenient for customers.  This is a crucial element of minimizing bounce rates and facilitating purchases during the busy and stressful holiday shopping season.

If you need help creating a strategy that maximizes conversions this holiday season, contact the experts at Barking Dog now at 828-450-2551 or online to get started.

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