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5 Helpful Tips for Attracting Website Visitors

enticing website tipsIs Your Website Enticing?

When people visit a website for the very first time, that all-important first page (homepage) is going to give them that crucial first impression. Within a matter of seconds your visitor will make the decision on whether or not they feel comfortable enough with the presentation of your website to continue reading, giving a website’s homepage more power than most people realize.

A Good Website Impression
When visitors come to your website, what is that they see? This question can be difficult to answer if you’re somehow involved with designing the website because it’s hard to get an objective perspective when you’re on the inside. Therefore, try to get a few unbiased people to take a look at your website in order to get some honest feedback. This could make a world of difference when it comes to making sure your website is making the first impression that you’ve intended.

How to Make Your Website Enticing  – 5 Tips
There are a number of ways in which you can make your website enticing in order to attract more customers. The trick is finding out which ones are the most critical and start from there.

  1. Simplicity. Keeping your site simple is the number one rule, so do everything in your power to not overcrowd the very first page of your website! A fully-loaded webpage can seem overwhelming to even the most seasoned Internet browser, making them leave the site quicker than the eye has a chance to take it all in. Break up information into readable, and understandable, sections for easier website browsing.
  2. Be Original. Looking at competitor websites in order to see how they are going about designing their website is a great idea, just be sure that you come up with your own original ideas for your website. First, you don’t know if what is working for them will work for you. Second, you don’t want to copy your competitor, you want to set yourself apart from them and thus find a way to stand out in your own special way. Don’t go overboard with being original, however. Keep to good web design standards and remember tip #1!
  3. Be Personable. If you can make your website come across as friendly and likeable, giving your visitors the feeling that you/your business really cares about them, no matter what service and/or product you’re promoting, the customer will respond. This applies to all pages of your website, such as the About Us and Our Mission pages, and can really help create that bond between website owner and a possible new customer.
  4. Avoid Jargon and Hype. Adding on to the previous tip, be straight in the way you relay your message and/or information by avoiding lots of unnecessary slang or terminology. Also, don’t try to build up your product/service so much that the reader loses interest when trying to understand your intended (bottom-line) message.
  5. Add Great Content! The content of your site should never be underrated. The content tells people what you’re website is all about, and the way it is done matters! Great content must have great substance to it so that the reader can feel that the site is one of authority, which can help in establishing a trust relationship with the reader.

A Few Questions to Ask

  1. What is your site all about?
  2. What is its main purpose?
  3. Who is your audience?
  4. What do you want from them?

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