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5 Different Ways To Acquire Customer Reviews Using Social Media

Have you ever considered the impact of customer reviews on someone’s purchasing decisions? If not, now is a good time to consider the impact that online reviews have on your business.

Did you know that, statistically, 85 percent of customers pay just as much attention to online referrals as they do to personal recommendations? This means it is even more important for you to generate positive customer reviews. But do you know how to acquire them?

If you don’t, fear not—here are 5 different ways to acquire customer reviews using social media.

Want Reviews? Ask For Them

According to a 2017 study conducted by BrightLocal, 68 percent of customers left online reviews after being asked to do so by the company they purchased from. And we all know that happy customers leave happy reviews. So taking the time to ensure their transaction went as expected is a definite plus. Most review processes can be automated using a combination of site navigation and email marketing techniques, so do not be afraid to consult a professional in order to determine if your site can be optimized for review-friendliness.

Make Sure Your “Review” Buttons Are Visible

One sure way to garner more reviews is by enabling an individual to post the review in the first place. However, they will not be able, or will be far less inclined, to locate the appropriate space if you do not have a clear indicator showing them where to click. Fortunately, this can be dealt with by implementing large, visible buttons on the pages where you want reviews. This could include individual product pages, blog pages, and more.

Incentivize Reviews

Anyone paying attention can tell that the global trend has been bending towards online shopping for quite some time. Additionally, market research shows that most customers browse product reviews prior to making a purchase. Needless to say, this underscores the vast marketing potential of online reviews. Despite the inclination to read reviews prior to purchasing, most buyers fail to leave reviews after they purchase. Recent studies show that as much as 81 percent of consumers do not leave reviews after purchasing a product. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple: incentivize the review process. Running a quick review incentive campaign can make all the difference, just make sure to review ACCC guidelines to ensure that your incentives are up to standard.

Organize Contests

Most businesses organize online social media contests anyways, so why not incorporate a little incentive that encourages customers to leave reviews as a criteria for entry into the contest? If you go this route, make sure to run the contest for several weeks so you can maximize your capture rate and generate plenty of new, engaging reviews.

Visual Reviews Still Count

Studies indicate that most consumers value visual content prior to making a purchase. Use this to your advantage and create an incentive for customers to send you photos of their purchases in action. Sharing these on your social media will result in a mimetic domino effect. People will see others sharing photos of their products and want to join in on the fun. Meanwhile, your campaign will be going even better than expected.

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