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5 Creative Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

The best way to reach a broad amount of leads in a short time span is undoubtedly via email. After developing a large lead list, simply send a targeted email and watch the responses roll in. The only caveat is that these emails are easily ignored (and sometimes relegated to the spam folder). For this reason, a well-crafted email design is essential. The goal should be to grab a prospective customer’s attention and encourage further engagement. To assist you with this feat, here are five creative ideas to help ensure that your next email marketing campaign is a success.

1. Anticipate Your Audience’s Desires

Before beginning your campaign, it is essential to know what your audience wants. Doing so will help you narrow down what type of offers to include in the email. Whether you plan on pushing discounts, free trials, upgrades, or extraneous services, inquiring with your audience is a surefire way to discern which perk would grab their attention most significantly. The best means of doing so, without expending a significant amount of time or capital, is by calling them directly or distributing a survey. Make sure you offer participants a perk as a reward for their input.

2. First Impressions Matter

The template you use in your email should convey your company’s image and subtly appeal to aspects of its philosophy. If you have a website for your business, use that as a point of departure for template ideas. For example, use a similar color palette and font. Also, be sure to include your company logo if you have one. If you are outsourcing the design, make sure the designer has a link to your website in case they need to reference it.

3. Don’t Rush It

One mistake perpetrated by novices and neophytes alike is making a forceful sales pitch right out of the gate. Not only do many audiences find this annoying, it could inspire them to disavow your product altogether. The best strategy is to abide by Zeno’s paradox: start slow and refrain from rushing things. For example, do not mention your product in your initial email. Instead, include bits of information that will spur the interest of potential customers. This strategy should continue even after your product is established. Rather than advertising a product directly, mention your presence at an upcoming trade show or convey something indirectly related to the product.

4. Multi-Platform Approaches are More Effective

All of your contact information should contain links to your social media pages and company website. As long as these pages contain the necessary information, you will have plenty of opportunities to convey the services/products available to prospective customers. Having a prominent social media presence increases the chances of capture.

5. Interaction is Essential

Encouraging potential customers to contact you increases your chances of communication, which subsequently results in you attaining more knowledge about your target audience. More interaction increases your potential to found a relationship built on trust with your customers, rather than just selling them products as a faceless entity. This can be accomplished by prominently displaying your contact information or by including interactive surveys and/or questionnaires in your emails.

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