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5 Copy Optimization Tips to Improve Your PPC Ads

Whether you’ve run successful PPC ad campaigns in the past for your business or you feel like they’ve fallen flat and you’re looking for ways to improve them, keeping up with best practices can be challenging! Google has made big changes over the last few months.

Here are 5 copy optimization tips to improve your PPC ads:

1. Take Advantage of Extended Text
The days of squeezing your messaging into a limited space are over! Extended text gives advertisers an opportunity to write copy that converts without having to squeeze it all into a limited character space. This gives businesses a real chance to align their brand and reputation with the ads they run. You now have two 30 character headlines to work with and one 80 character description line.

In terms of writing the type of ad copy that converts, the extended text update from Google is a huge win for PPC advertisers.

2. Split Test With Adwords Scripts
Before shelling out a large budget on ads that don’t get click throughs, it’s important to test variations with a smaller budget to see what works and what doesn’t. Adwords scripts have been voted the 3rd most useful Adwords optimization tool in a recent study, predominantly because of its ability to help you run effective A/B tests. It doesn’t cost you anything so it’s absolutely worth taking advantage of.

3. Use A Strong Call To Action
This could involve enticing customers to take advantage of a limited time promotion or simply clicking through to learn more about what your company has to offer. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be direct! Examples include Read More,Buy Now, and Take advantage of this special.”

If you don’t want to get overly salesy, keep in mind that the best place for your CTA may be in your description, and not your headlines. This is the area that will convert your browsers into buyers.

4. Lead With Your Strongest Message
There’s no way of knowing how your second headline will show up, so it’s incredibly important to use your strongest copy in the first headline. All ad copy should absolutely be strong, of course, but it’s important to lead with your best material.

People search fast and loose and they want to be informed, but they also go with their gut! Make that first headline count. Especially with the extended text update, you have even more characters to work with to make your business stand out among the crowd of search results.

5. Keep All Devices in Mind
The majority of Google searches happen on mobile, but chances are that residents and travelers will use multiple devices before choosing to patronize your business or even click through to your site. The latest Google update for PPC ads does not allow you to choose which devices your ads will be shown on and which ones they won’t be shown on so it’s important that you’re using copy that will universally appeal to those viewing it.

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