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4 Ways to Use Emojis in Marketing to Grow Your Brand


Emojis make online communication a bit more enjoyable. They add expression and emotion to what would otherwise be dry, text-based communication. Over the years, a tool that once offered only a few basic icons has evolved into full sets of symbols that can be combined together to express a range of emotions and ideas. There are even companies that create and sell emojis!

The Benefits of Using Emojis

Brands can use emojis to better connect with customers and show some personality along the way. Adding emojis to communications can increase brand recognition and even add clarity to your messaging.

Clearly, emojis have been integrated into personal communications. But did you know they can also be used for marketing? Here are four effective ways to use emojis in marketing.

1. Use Emojis to Encourage Engagement

Make it easier for your target audience to engage with your social media and SMS campaigns with emojis. For example, you can create a social media or text poll and set emojis as response choices. This can make a standard poll a bit more interesting and allows people to respond with just a single tap or click.

2. Match Emojis to Your Audience and Brand

You can infuse your ads, website, social media posts, and messages with emojis. However, note that it’s possible to create brand confusion with emojis that are unfamiliar to your target audience or ones that simply don’t make sense for your brand.

If you do some research, you may find that your target audience has certain emojis they use in their own communication. If you can identify those, use them in your marketing to create a sense of familiarity.

Choose your emojis carefully. In fact, you might even consider putting together a set of on-brand emojis to add to your digital assets library. This ensures that emojis used by your team always align with your preferred messaging.

3. Add Extra Emotion and Clarity to Shorter Messages

Emojis can interject emotion into your messages, posts, and ads. This is important if you are concerned that a message or the intent behind it might be misinterpreted. For example, a tongue-in-cheek remark could be interpreted as flippant or snide without a smiling or winking face.

You can also use emojis in shorter messages to make them a bit clearer without taking up too much space. Add them to Tweets, SMS messages, or comments your brand leaves on social media.

4. Supplement Text, but Don’t Replace It

When emojis cause confusion, it’s often because content creators use them to replace text, rather than to supplement it. This is a small, but very important distinction. Remember, you don’t want to cause confusion. You want to add clarity and personality to your branding.

Improve Your Content with Net Profit Marketing

Adding emojis can make your marketing content fun and help you to engage your audience. Looking to improve your content marketing in other ways? The digital marketing professionals at Net Profit Marketing have the perfect skills and experience to help you achieve your marketing goals. It’s easy to get started. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

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