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3 Ways Video Content Can Boost Engagement on Your Website

Ask any member of Gen Z and they’ll tell you: Video content is the way to go. With attention spans ever-shrinking, video content is proving to be an easier way to gain the attention of your target audience. There are tons of reasons to consider incorporating video content in your marketing strategy.

If you’ve ever thought about creating video content for your website, now is the time. Here are three major reasons to start making video content for your website today.

Reach Your Audience Across Multiple Platforms

Think about how connected we are, thanks to social media. We can share content from one platform to another, which allows it to be seen and shared by more people. When compared to text and image combined, video gets about 1,200% more shares on social media platforms — that’s because people love to be entertained.

As you cross-post video content and people start to share it, you’ll tap into a wider potential audience. Depending on their age, some groups may be more likely to log in to one platform over another. Instead of limiting your audience, you can expand your audience by cross-posting your video content to multiple platforms.

Gain More Website Traffic

Websites that include video content tend to attract about two to three times more visitors than those that don’t have it. Landing pages that have video content are 53% more likely to discover that their website is ranking on the first page of search results. Websites with video content will be 50% more likely to see traffic from organic searches, too.

Clearly, video content can impact your website traffic. Something as simple as having a video thumbnail in the search results can potentially double your search traffic.

More traffic equates to more sales. The more people that pass through your website, the more chances you’ll have to convert those people into paying customers. Without that extra traffic, you’ll may find that people are heading over to your competitors instead.

Nurture Your Leads with Engaging Video Content

Your customers are like plants:  They need to be nurtured to grow. Videos are a valuable asset in that nurturing process.

Check out these statistics:

  • Landing pages with videos improve their conversion rate by about 86%
  • Before making a purchase, 50% of users will search for a product or service video
  • 90% of internet users say that they use YouTube to find new brands and products

Videos are now intrinsically linked to the ways that your customers make purchases. To take advantage of that, you need to have video content that’s impactful and intentional.

Creating Your Video Content

If you’re ready to start making video content, but you aren’t sure where to start, turn to Net Profit Marketing. With years of experience in digital marketing, we can create the video content your brand needs to pull in more customers and make more sales.

Start getting your products and services noticed! Contact Net Profit Marketing today.

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